2024 Registrations

2024 NI number registrations should be done via Alpha Timing System


  • Terms

    1. Championship plate ‘NI’ or Championship positions 1st – 3rd will be allowed in 2024 all other numbers must be from 11 on.

    2. Competitors with seeded numbers from the 2023 British or National (UK) championships will have precedence over NIKA issued numbers.

    3. 2024 numbers are valid from the date of issue, through to the 31st December 2024.

    4. Preference will be given to the holder of a 2023 number up to 6.00pm on 25th Jan 2024. (after this date all unissued numbers will be issued on a first come first serve basis):

We will email every registered driver with the details of our first event. Every driver racing in Northern Ireland must be registered before racing. In the event the competitor is moving class please ensure to fill in a new online registration as there might be a change in race number. (No Fees needed) 


Updated  18/03/2024

2024 Number Registration Update